Lyons Road Trash

Lyons Road Trash: 45+ Years Of Service

Honesty, Reliability, and Longevity in the Community.

What started as the sincere desire to offer their services to the local community, the DeLands have developed generations of various businesses which were built from the ground up by the same family on the same plot of land, right here on Lyons Road in Geneva, New York.

In 1947, Bud and Dorothy DeLand, along with Dorothy’s father, Ken Aikens, started “Lyons Road Fruit Stand". After a successful start with the Fruit Stand, Bud opened "B & C Small Engine Repair", in a garage located next door. A short time later, the repair shop was combined with "Geneva Auto-Electric” and remained a solid business for many years. During the 1970’s, Bud and his two sons, Bernie and Billy, started another business, “Lyons Road Ice Supply” by building an ice house on the property of the existing businesses. During the operation of the ice company, a unique opportunity arose for the family to start another new business, “Lyons Road Trash Removal”, and the DeLand’s didn’t look back.

From humble beginnings Lyons Road Trash has grown each and every year, from a one truck, two man operation, to a competitive and mature business with a full fleet of equipment and a band of hard working employees. All the while without forgetting to remain close to each customer, offering accommodations and a level of personal care and attention that other companies cannot. Today, Billy, with his son Chip, continue to manage the company, never forgetting to place honesty, integrity, and genuine service above all else.